Artist Statement

'Through visionary art we can explore the intersection between a reality and the imaginary. We can transcend the boundary from what we know to be real to what may lie beyond and capture the dreams and the imaginary realms that exist in our subconscious. In doing so we open the mind to a visual feast of ideas, possibilities, curiosity and perhaps even enlightenment'

 Working with photography and digital media, my art could best be described as a gateway between reality and imaginary realms. Ultimately, though, it is my vision, intuition and creative mind that creates the final piece. My philosophy is to create work that is unbound from conventional trends and I prefer creating from the "higher self" with pure intuition and without judgement. This allows me complete freedom to fully express my ideas and create my lands of mystery and wonder. My work, visionary and escapist, can alternate between dream-like and ethereal, darker and psychedelic, cosmic, mystical and magical, paranormal or spiritual and is created with a palette of beautiful arrangements, colours, textures and powerful narrative. But what's just as important is the process of creating the artwork. Each process is unique and it is the unknown and unpredictable end results that are a powerful motivational force for creating my art.

We live in a world that is turbulent and at times dark, but the light is always there and always will be. I believe my work focuses on this lightness on a spiritual level, helping the viewer on a journey in which they can find peace, positive feeling and healing vibes. For the viewer, immersing themselves in my ideas through my work can help them to transcend their darker times. When this is achieved, they have become a participant in my own journey. 

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