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'In my work I create a palette of beautiful arrangements, colours, textures and powerful narrative. But what's just as important is the process of creating the artwork. No two processes are the same and it is the unknown and unpredictable end results that are a powerful motivation for creating my art'

My work, with a combination of photography and digital media, can best be described as an "intersection between reality and dreams" or a "transcendence into imaginary realms". I believe my work is unbound from any convention as I prefer, instead, to create from "the higher self" or subconscious mind. This allows me complete freedom to fully express my unique ideas and demonstrate my ability to create a versatile and eclectic range of themes. Ranging from dream-like and ethereal, darker and psychedelic, transcendental and cosmic, mystical and magical, even crossing over to the paranormal and spiritual realms. From these I create my "lands of mystery and wonder" with a palette of beautiful arrangements, colours, textures and powerful narrative. But what's just as important is the process of creating the artwork. No two processes are the same emotionally and subconsciously and it is the unknown and unpredictable end results that are a powerful motivation for creating my art. It is my hope that in some way I help you to embark on a journey or voyage of discovery, to "participate" in my work, perhaps through meditation, and bring you some spiritual clarity, healing or even just divert you from the minutiae of everyday reality.

As a child and a teenager  - and even today - my imagination was and is lightyears away thanks to my love of science fiction, fantasy and listening to psychedelic music. I was captivated by "other worlds" of the imagination and this has had an influence in my work today. Cornwall's rich tapestry of forest, woodland and ancient sites also greatly inspires my work with the result that trees feature highly in my art pieces. This comes also from my love of nature and the special energy that I sense at these locations.

Originally, my passion for the photographic image was realised in the late 1970's when I became fascinated with black and white photography. I shot almost entirely on black and white 35mm film and learned to process my films and prints in a home darkroom. I was City and Guilds Of London Institute trained in photography in the 1990's but since then largely self-taught in the field of digital imaging. By studying digital photography I also discovered digital manipulation software and so my artistic journey commenced with the results that you see today. 

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Ian David Spencer Visionary Artist
Phone: 07510991315 
E-mail: iandavidart@icloud.com
Address: 3 Railway Terrace, Grampound Road, Truro, Cornwall, TR2 4EE, United Kingdom

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